Sunday, January 07, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year and I pray that you receive many blessings in the coming year. The new year is already a week old and I have not touched my knitting needles yet. I am anticipating KNIT Cafe on Wednesday and look forward to my time and fellowship with my knitting sisters. This is the year that I will knit socks!!! New projects call to me- felting, purses, hats, scarves and others. I am ready to be free of the wordly burdens that zap my creativity and spend some time in fiber!!!
I received At Knit's End Meditations for Women who KNIT TOO MUCH by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, from my nephew. I am going to enjoy it so much.
Hopefully, I can begin to blog on a more regular basis.
My top 10 reasons:
1. I am not traveling cross country anymore.
2. I have internet access in my room now.
3. I plan to be more disciplined.
4. I will respect my creative muses.
5. I need to work on that stash of mine.
6. I promised my self to knit socks by the time I am 50.
(That monumental occassion occurs next month)
7. I love to read other knitting blogs.
8. I hope to inspire others to join the knitting ranks.
9. It helps to blog and put my fears, joys and faith out in a journal format. 10. It will keep me accountable once I start some of my projects.

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