Friday, July 29, 2005

A Prayer for Frustrated Prayer Shawl Knitters

I recently completed a prayer shawl for a member of my church. While reading about the prayer shawl ministry, I came across this prayer. It is a prayer for all my friends that are new to knitting and are frustrated with their attempts at completing a prayer shawl.

Good God!
~a shawl maker’s prayer~
By Janet Bristow 6-2005

Good God!
Guide me through the
knots, kinks,
dropped stitches,
split yarn,
shredded fringe,
dye lot mismatches,
pattern mistakes, errors,
and the myriad other “issues” that get in the way of my centeredness!

Help me to see that these annoyances:
knotted emotions,
kinked plans,
dropped dreams,
split relationships,
shredded hopes,
mismatched friendships,
mistaken assumptions,
errant goals
are actually metaphors of life!

As I knit through the creation of the shawl, I gratefully acknowledge and accept the imperfections, weaving them into my prayers and intentions for the one who will be
wrapped in and blessed by it all!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


I'm learning to post pictures and this was handy. This is Lizzie, my miniature schnauzer.

K.N.I.T. Cafe tonight

Our ladies meet tonight for our bi-monthly knitting group. We meet at my church, however the group is comprised of ladies of all ages and includes non-church members. We enjoy the fellowship of gathering as much as we enjoy our projects. The group includes new knitters as well as more experienced crafters, so there is a lot of mentoring. Currently, there are scarves, sweaters, prayer shawls and baby blankets in the works. Tonight we are having a stash exchange. It was a good excuse to clean out a drawer and some bags in the closet that were holding extra yarn. I'll post some current projects as soon as I get used to this process.

Knitting as Therapy

This is my first posting to a blog. I have enjoyed reading many knitting blogs regularly and have been inspired by the creativity, humor and fellowship that is shared online. Hopefully I will learn to post on a regular basis and share with others.