Friday, November 04, 2005

Sometimes Life Gets All Tangled

It seems like ages since my last post. I finished my blue prayer shawl/blanket and presented it to my friend. She has finished her chemo and radiation, but still will be recovering for awhile. I took time off from the shawl to knit her 2 chemo hats and finish a project for my knitting group. I have begun a new prayer shawl in light blues, however, I do not have an intended recipient yet.
I went on a mission trip to New Orleans during October. We had a team of five adults that stayed at the Greater New Orleans Christian Church and we worked on homes in the 8th ward. I can not begin to describe the devastation we encountered on this trip. We traveled to the East End and visited my sister's old home and church. It was incredible to see so many areas still without electricity. People have not even been able to return to some of these areas. My prayers are with all the folks in that area as their lives will never be the same.
I had an eventful month as I became divorced on the 21st after a two year separation. I don't think that I have emotionally dealt with that. While I was back in Texas for court, my son wound up in the emergency room. They could not find the source of his pain, so he was sent home with antibiotics. The following week after returning to college, he called me from the ER and he was being prepped for gall bladder surgery. I made the 7 hr trip to the hospital and have now been with him all week as he recovers at home. I brought my knitting with me, however I haven't spent much time on anything.
SOCKS occupy my mind. That will be my next project. I am trying to decide on a design and type of yarn. I will probably make a few other projects before Christmas. Socks in 2006!!!
That's all for now. Take care.