Saturday, August 27, 2005

Knitters Kink, Writer's Block?

It seems that almost a month has gone by without an entry. Unfortunately it seems that most of that time I did not do much knitting as well. Life sometimes zaps your creativity and I should not have let it keep me from the pleasure of knitting. Finally I was given a project to do and that has finally forced me into action.
A good friend has been diagnosed with colo-rectal cancer after being a 10 year survivor of breast cancer. I immediately began a prayer shawl in her favorite color. She is tall, so this will be more of a lap robe for her. Because of the larger size, it is slow going. My hope and prayer is that she can wrap herself in it as she recovers and rests at home after radiation and chemo. She sent word to me to please make a soft chemo hat for her to wear. I stopped on the prayer blanket and began her hat. She likes earth-tones, so I found rayon blend of Paton's Katrina in oyster color on sale for half price.
The yarn has a soft springy feel and knit up so easily. It was my first knitting in the round I've ever done. It went quickly and I had not trouble with the project until I got to the last 3 rows at the top. By then I had moved from circular needls to double points. One of the stitches slipped off the needle opposite where I was knitting and began to run. I had such a time frogging to a point where I could start again. I finally frogged back to the section before the decreases started. Once I got going again, the project finished quickly and with pretty results. I may have to make a hat for myself.
Needless to say, I should not have quit knitting as I know how theraputic it can be. It is too bad it took a request from a friend to get me on the needles again. The best cure of feeling sorry for yourself is to help others.
I will post a picture of the hat as soon as possible. Happy knitting to all.

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