Friday, October 26, 2007

The Blessing

For months I have struggled over completing a prayer shawl that was started in January. It was not that I had stopped praying for my friend, but more that I felt that my small gesture would not be enough for her. I did not want to think about what she was suffering through and unable to help in a tangible way since I live so far away. The shawl would call to me from my knitting bag, but all I would do is pray a short prayer for my friend and choose to follow other paths.
In the last two months, conversations began about an interest in a prayer shawl ministry at the church. It kept coming up and I knew that it was a reminder that I had a wealth of prayers sitting in the corner that were not being used as God intended them to be used. I picked up the shawl and began knitting on it last week. The stitches flew off the needles and it felt good to be back in that rhythm of prayer and motion. Before long I had finished the shawl and was adding the fringe.
A small group of ladies met on Thursday to learn to knit and to find out about the prayer shawl ministry. I brought my shawl and told them about the recipient and we took turns praying over it. This shawl has been blessed by a sweet, loving bunch of ladies and I am ready to send it on it's way. Listening to the Holy Spirit and obeying has been a blessing as well.

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